Star Wars superfans are poised to jet into Ireland to swap vows on the stunning set locations of the iconic movie franchise.

Newlywed TV star Amanda Byram proved the force was strong with her last week with aStar Wars wedding cake at her glittering ceremony in London.

The 42-year-old beauty was keeping up with the wedding fad for superhero weddings, with brides and grooms making their favourite big-screen idols part of their big day.

The Total Wipeout presenter and her beau Julian Okines’ Star Wars cake was made entirely of cheese and was topped with Lego figures of Hans Solo and Princess Leia.

Marvel-Themed Wedding

3Marvel-Themed Wedding

Irish wedding planner Fiona Forkan says one New York couple have hired her to scout for a wedding location in Donegal, where the latest Star Wars film is being shot.

“A New York couple want to come over to Donegal to get married where it will be filmed. I’m looking into that at the moment,” says the director of Wicked Weddings.

“People have been in touch with me about Stars Wars themed weddings since September last year.


“A lot of the couples are looking to get married where Game of Thrones is filmed or Star Wars.

“I know of 15 Chinese couples who have come to get married in Ireland this year. They have seen the likes of Star Wars and Game of Thrones and know they were filmed in Ireland. That is what is attracting them.

Marvel-Themed Wedding

3Marvel-Themed Wedding

“I think we’re going to see a whole lot of Star Wars weddings next year.”

She says the superhero-themed weddings are the biggest breakout trend of 2016.

“Nearly one in four weddings are going with superhero or movie themes. Everyone has some sort of theme even if it is a traditional wedding. Superheroes have been on the rise for the past year and it’s really full-on this year.

“You will have fans of Superman and Batman or the Marvel fans. Batman and the Avengers stand out the most. The couple will add general superhero features to their weddings like a Batman cake and superhero photo props.

“I’ve just planned a whole Marvel wedding and helped with five more and I’ve three more superhero weddings before November.”

Fiona says the Marvel-themed wedding she planned for Nickki Boyle McBride and her husband David Boyle in recent weeks was full of their favourite characters.

“David got me into it. I hadn’t read comic books, but David introduced me to it,” says Nickki.


“My favourite character is Captain America and he was on the soles of my shoes and David had Deadpool on his. The buttonholes and the flowers were Marvel and the cake was Marvel-themed.

Star Wars filming locations: Kylo Ren with Skellig Michael (composite image). Photo: Deposit

3Star Wars filming locations: Kylo Ren with Skellig Michael (composite image). Photo: Deposit

“Everyone went mad for it. We had props like masks and the table names were all Marvel characters and one of our guests even white prom dresses up as Spiderwoman.”

The Dublin couple had a humanist ceremony at their elegant reception in the Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny eight weeks ago, but stopped short of dressing as the characters.

Meanwhile, Fiona says Amanda Byram’s Star Wars cake will make the trend more popular.

“It’s great to see the fun side of her not just the celebrity. I think it will influence a lot of brides. She’s made it mainstream.”

And she says she is hoping to have a real-life Stars Wars cameo at her Derry Wedding Fair on May 14 and 15.

“Stars Wars is filming around the area around the same time so we’re hoping to get some real storm troopers to the fair.”


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