Thanks to our extremely busy schedule, we usually miss out on a lot of family time. Though most of our special moments might make it to social networking sites, it's not very often that we spend time with ourselves. While, 'me' time seems to be a luxury for most of us, it is extremely important toinvest in yourself. Self-gifting, as we may call it, is the best way for a happier you, and here are a few things that will help you fall in love with yourself all over again...

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A fitter you

Staying fit, by far, is the most common life-goal these days. "From experimenting with several diet plans to workout patters to suit our time, we all try our best to make time for fitness in order to achieve our goal to be healthy," says Sushmita Sathe, a nutritionist. If you always try to find a fitter you while looking in the mirror, then this is the right time. Gift yourself a fitter you by joining a fun workout or getting into a healthy lifestyle habit or simply buying yourself a gym membership. "Make sure your workouts are fun, so that you look forward to them. There's no bigger gift than fitness, and starting today is the right thing to do," she adds.

Gift yourself a holiday

If you have been working very hard for the past couple of months and are striving for that impending promotion or a great appraisal, snap out of this busy mood and go out on a short holiday. This will help you unwind and rejuvenate. "A holiday is the best detox, it helps you bounce back to life with new vigour. Take out that trolley bag that's been gathering dust for a while now and set out for an unknown destination," says Neerja Sootha, a counsellor. Fall in love with the place and come back feeling refreshed and energetic, to tackle the upcoming challenges.

A stress-free massage session

There's no better way of loving yourself than pampering. Reserve an appointment at a luxurious spa and head to a relaxing massage session. Go for a full body massage with a rejuvenating facial — you're sure to feel loved and pampered as the masseur slowly caresses your hair, relieves your back pain and gives you a foot reflexology while you take that soothing nap in a dimly-lit room. Nothing like soaking in a destressing massage after a really tiring day.

A long-pending makeover

"Makeovers are not only an ingredient of post-breakup recipe, they are a way to make you feel novel and make heads turn with your newfound mojo," says stylist Arpita Rohira. You have a couple of sexy new mint green prom dresses waiting in your wardrobe, but your present look doesn't really go with them. Go ahead, book a salon appointment and get a fancy haircut, and some really cool nail art done. Buy some funky accessories to go with the dresses, and gift yourself a new you. And the best part is, this gift lasts for more than a day, and you can keep flaunting your makeover every time you go out.

Invest in your future

Self-gifting isn't always about buying new clothes, jewellry or that new smartphone. It's about making yourself feel special. And, nothing is more important than having a secure future. Be it anything — a hefty life insurance policy, a new home, mutual funds with good returns or some precious jewellery — love yourself by investing in your future.

Buy yourself a present

What's wrong in buying a gift for yourself? Do it like this — buy yourself a gift, post it for delivery and make sure you receive it when home. It would be so exciting to find


someone waiting at your door with a fancily-wrapped gift!