For more than a decade-and-a-half the e-commerce sector has largely been dependent on Big Data to reveal the intricate details of human idiosyncrasies to promote the sale of their products online.

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The fashion industry, however, has stumbled upon a trove of data in the most unlikely of places: human anatomical details recorded by various government agencies. This data, mostly compiled using physical data from victims of fatal road accidents, is used by researchers to try and minimise the number of fatal accidents across the world, and raise safety awareness.

Take for instance the Aditya Birla Online Fashion (ABOF) portal which introduced a 3D virtual trial room enabling its customers to input their body measurements and, based on their data, try on apparel virtually to ensure a perfect fit.

Mahesh Tiyyagura, chief technical officer at ABOF, on the sidelines of the Amazon Web Services summit, told Bangalore Mirror: "The technology for this feature is being provided by Metail and IBM. It has been a general observation that most customers shopping online know their height and weight and based on this our portal suggests the apparel for a perfect fit."

"This has been enabled by digging through the data accumulated on of accident victims by government sources. The data is available online and over a period of time a huge database has been created where the anatomical details are recorded. This data has been collated to support our 3D trial room where measurement choices are provided to customers once they enter their weight and height details," he added.

Basically, once the height and weight is entered by the customer, the data -- that contains the physical stats of accident victims -- is computed, based on the customer's region and a choice is provided, according to the nearest probability.


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